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Mission Statement

Lake Drum Brewing is a collective of artists crafting beers and ciders
indicative of the creative experimental style of the Geneva revolution.

About Us

Victor and Jenna began Lake Drum as an extension of their own living room in 2015. Previously a muralist, Victor grew up in a family of urban arborists. Learning about growing/caring for apples at an early age. He began with small scale cider production with his partner Jenna, a winemaker and grape grower on Seneca Lake. The pair then acquired wine barrels in which they began experimenting with beer, barrel fermentation, and aging; which ultimately lead to souring beer in wine casks with much success in turn beginning their small scale farm brewery to share their products with the community.

Opening the tiny brew house in downtown Geneva, NY marks the first of its kind since prohibition. Lake Drum was begun by the support of the community through fundraising and business development grants and has worked to promote the work of other artists locally.

We believe in being catalysts in the craft beverage revolution and celebrate the others who refuse to fit in the mold. In fact, every member of our team has produced something from nothing in the past year, so won’t you join us and try something too?


Head Brewer

Rick was born in Geneva and has found employment in a variety of occupations including working security for a private island off the coast of Maine and being a research scientist who discovered a new species of fish. Rick loves to brew, throw darts and brag about his kids. He also loves to brag about his darts and beers while drinking his beers and throwing darts.

Maker of Cider/ Sour Beer

Moved to Geneva in 2005 and fell in love. First with Jenna than with wine, than the beauty of the area and the people; cider and beer just happened to accompany me along this journey. But, they’ve been great companions and it’s been amazing to continue to learn from them.

Native to Phelps, NY. I work in the grape breeding program for Cornell University at the experiment station located in Geneva, NY.

Born in DC, but Geneva native, lived all over the states for twenty years after college (Bos, NYC, PA, Denver, San Diego) before moving back to Geneva to start my own business. Beer, hockey, sandals.

An occupational therapists when she’s not running around the bar.

Geneva born and raised and jack of all trades, is our only bartender with any previous experience.

Event Calendar

February 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Vortex
  • Brandon and Gary
  • Tommy the traveler
  • St. Vith
  • Hanna PK

Our Products


Originates from FLX Orchards or foraged wild apples, including ancient apple varieties discovered in our community members’ backyards; pruned, managed and harvested together in an effort to maintain diversity, educate, and preserve history while creating something to enjoy together.

  • Tart Cherry

  • Cranberry

  • Lavender Tea

  • Ida Red

  • Undercurrant

  • Sweet Hot Action


As a farm brewery, 20% of each beer created is grown in NYS. Our beer program began specifically geared towards sours. Before welcoming our friend and brewmaster Rick to the project which allowed a steady supply of pale ales, stouts, lagers and IPAs, most notably the bad dog served on tap in the tasting room, for immediate consumption while reserving our unique barrel aged brews to remain in cask for extended development and complexity.

  • Eadesie Lager

  • Bad Dog IPA

  • Mo Dog IPA

  • Citrala Pale Ale

  • Buckwheat Stout

  • Cider Weisse (sour)

  • Whiskey Sour (sour)

Contact Us

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Lake Drum Swag

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